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About the Bachelors

Bachelors Anonymous (1984–1992) was an L.A. band composed of Robert Berg and David Hughes. Their music is quintessentially 80s synthpop: lush landscapes, stark electronic dance club beats, moody cocktail tunes. Their lyrics reflect the entanglement of unrequited, misplaced, and transactional love; of relationships, delusionally lucid. For more on the Bachelors see About and articles listed on Timeline.

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Bachelors Anonymous on DISCO

• Grand Illusion
• Zigfreed
• Looking for You
• Salt Doll

• Nick
• A Stranger’s Bed ’90
• Play Safely
• Land of Nod (both versions)
• Our Creation

• A Stranger’s Bed
• Victor the Beefcake
• In Another Time
• Father’s Day

• Ritual Life
• Sarasponda
• The Bells of La Brea
• Seriously
• The Price of Love
• What’s This Feeling?
• Laissez-Faire

• The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)
• God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
• Mr. Wenceslas
• On, On, On, On…

• Inscription
• Exercise in Revolution

Ambient (Soundtrack)
• Loop I – Spiritual Quest
• Remain in LIght

Minimalist (Soundtrack)
• Loop II – Altered Vision Part 1
• Loop II – Altered Vision Part 2
• Loop II – Altered Vision Part 3
• Loop II – Altered Vision Part 4



The music of Bachelors Anonymous shows elements borrowed from such liberated groups as Bronski Beat, Communards, and Erasure. These points are mixed with classical (as opposed to classic) elements from a shared love of folk and church music.

— Tom Kidd, Music Connection (’88, ’87)

Combining percussion and synthesizer with voice, [the Bachelors] display an impressive audio palette. … “We provide entertainment, not lies,” adds Berg.

— Stuart Timmons, Advocate (’88)

[The Bachelors are] Los Angeles musicians whose work combines a tongue-in-cheek, sleaze-novel sensibility with gay political observations.

— Sharon McDonald, L.A. Style (’89)


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