We’ve combed through our files for B.A. live listings, promos and press, interviews, reviews, and more in this interactive timeline. (Looking for the Press Room?)

DateClick to EnlargeEvent
Feb 1984Portrait of Handel by Philippe Mercier ca. 1730Rob meets David at St. Philip’s Church choir, Pasadena, which needs tenors for two performances of Handel’s Messiah May 4 & 6, Mount St. Mary’s College, Brentwood
May 1984Inscription by Daniel Vogel, 1815Rob and David compose “Inscription” using a text by David’s paternal great great great grandfather Daniel Vogel who was pleased to “sit in the lap of Jesus”; it will be adapted as “Ritual Life”
28 Jul 19841984 Summer Olympics Opening CeremonyRob and David perform (as individuals; again they needed tenors!) with a thousand-voice choir assembled for the opening ceremony of the 1984 Summer Olympics featuring “The Olympian – Lighting of the Torch” composed by Philip Glass; only later would we learn that our live voices were superimposed by prerecorded tracks
31 Oct 1984Zombie Jamboree Program CoverThe future Bachelors collaborate with John Fleck, Lance Loud, and Charlotte McGuinness on In a Viennese Vein for the first annual Zombie Jamboree at Lhasa Club, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Bruce Schwartz, Weba Garretson and Jerry Frankel, Tom Siegel, Tomata DuPlenty and Fayette Hauser, Donald Krieger, and The Swinging Madisons
Late 1984Bachelors Anonymous LogoRob and David take on the name Bachelors Anonymous from gay groundbreaker Harry Hay’s 1948 prospectus for the International Bachelors’ Fraternal Order for Peace & Social Dignity, Sometimes Referred to as Bachelors Anonymous… Whew!
24 Jan 1985AntiClub logoB.A.’s first club performance, at AntiClub, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Scott Carter, Fred Wolf, and Marsha Mann & Radames Pera
07 Mar 1985BA at AntiClub FlyerB.A. performs at AntiClub, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Linda Albertano, John Fleck, and Vampira
Spring 1985 B.A. organizes the variety troupe La Brea Circus
27 Apr 1985BA at AntiClub ListingB.A. performs via a subset of La Brea Circus, featuring Apache Dancers, Philip Littell, and John Fleck, at AntiClub, Los Angeles
03 May 1985BA at Olio with La Brea Circus ListingB.A. performs via La Brea Circus, featuring Apache Dancers, Philip Littell, and Perpetua, at Olio, Silver Lake
26–27 May 1985La Brea Circus AdB.A. performs via La Brea Circus in San Francisco at Graffiti (Sun) and The 16th Note (Mon); added to the lineup is deejay Jim Churnick and the Dipsomania Dancers
15 Jun 1985BA at Lhasa PostcardB.A. performs at Lhasa Club, Los Angeles; also on the bill: The Dispossessed (music/multimedia performance) and Incubus (darkly poetic funk duo)
Aug 19851985 Sunset Junction AdB.A. performs at Sunset Junction Street Fair ’85 in Silver Lake, accompanied by Bonnie Cirino and Carrah Macy (now Wright)
08 Sep 1985BA at Feminist Health Clinic Benefit FlyerB.A. performs at a Feminist Women’s Health Clinic benefit at AntiClub, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Nervous Gender, Fat and Fucked Up, Phranc, Perpetua, poets Michele T. Clinton and Julia Stein, Plastic Glass, and John Fleck and Co.; the benefit was organized by David’s now-wife Andrea Carney
1985Bachelors Anonymous AlbumB.A. releases a six-song cassette, Bachelors Anonymous, available in 2021 as a remastered digital version with two bonus tracks
29 Nov–05 Dec 1985L.A. Ears ColumnL.A. Weekly includes B.A. in its “L.A. Ears” column, “a random sampling of what some Angelenos” (in this case our friend Larry Slaughter) “are putting on their turntables these days”: B.A.’s six-song cassette, Bachelors Anonymous
18 Jan 1986KPFK LogoJohn Callahan interviews B.A. and The Dispossessed (see 6/15/85 above) for an edition of Ed Pearl’s Up From the Ashgrove on KPFK-FM; played are “Zigfreed,” “Invocation,” “Ritual Life,” and The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)
06 Sep 1986BA WeHo Street Festival PostcardB.A. performs at the first annual West Hollywood Street Festival accompanied by Bonnie Cirino and Carrah Macy (now Wright)
10 Oct 1986BA at Lhasa PostcardB.A. performs at Lhasa Club, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Groucho & The Marxists, Sound Garden, and Chris Brenner
24 Oct 1986John Fleck in I Got the He-Be-She-Be's video stillB.A. contributes the score to John Fleck’s I Got the He-Be-She-Be’s, directed by David Schweizer, at the Wallenboyd Theatre, Los Angeles, which debuts today (see flyer); it will enjoy an extended run through November and receive a 1986 L.A. Weekly Theater Award for Performance in a One-Character Show
26 Oct 1986BA Lhasa Benefit FlyerB.A. performs at Sexual Evolution ’86, a benefit for organizations in opposition to Proposition 64, at Lhasa Club, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Firehose, Carmaig de Forest, Fat & Fucked Up with special guest Vinny Golia, Perpetua, Morality Play, Robin, video by John Goss, and reading by Julia Stein and Michelle T. Clinton; flyer by our friend Paul Sbrizzi
19 Nov 1986BA at Limbo Lounge ListingB.A. performs at Limbo Lounge, Lhasa Club, Los Angeles, hosted by Nova China; also on the bill: Glen Meadmore and Parking Lot
Early 1987 B.A. performs at UCLA, sponsored by the UCLA Gay and Lesbian Association
Early 1987 B.A. performs at a benefit for LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
Feb 1987Megan TerryB.A. contributes the score to Zack’s production of Home or Future Soap by Megan Terry (pictured), during his first year in UCLA’s MFA directing program; Zack and Friends (from the cast) will perform an adaptation from the score, “Exercise in Revolution,” at our May Day ’87 show
14 Mar 1987BA at Bebop Records FlyerB.A. performs via Philip Littell’s Eight Dreamy Guys at Bebop Records, Reseda; co-proprietor Richard Bruland colorizes B.A.’s promotional leaflet (left)
05 Apr 1987Bachelors Anonymous in L.A. WeeklyB.A., accompanied by Nancy Taylor and Zack, performs “The Flesh Failures” at High Performance wrap party for the journal’s “Art & Crisis” edition, at Studio One’s Backlot cabaret; notice of the event in the L.A. Weekly includes the Bachelors photographed by Rocky Schenck (left)
28 Apr 1987The Advocate CoverThe Advocate publishes B.A. profile by Stuart Timmons
01 May 1987BA at Club Lingerie FlyerB.A. organizes May Day extravaganza featuring Love Machine, Zack and Friends, Philip Littell, Leslie Belt, and emcee Su Knill at Club Lingerie, Hollywood; flyer by Victor Bowman from an original idea by the Bachelorburo
21 May 1987BA at Limbo Lounge ListingB.A. performs at Limbo Lounge, now at Four Star Saloon, West Hollywood; also on the bill: Tyrants in Therapy and Desperation Squad
21 May 1987
25 May 1987
BA at Limbo Lounge & Sunset Junction postcardB.A. offers Marital Counseling Sessions in May at:
• Limbo Lounge, West Hollywood
• Sunset Junction Street Fair, Silver Lake
25 May 1987BA at Sunset Junction & Rock Against AIDS PostcardB.A. performs at the Sunset Junction Street Fair, Silver Lake
31 May 1987BA at Sunset Junction & Rock Against AIDS PostcardB.A. performs at Rock Against AIDS, a benefit for AIDS Project LA organized by Craig Lee, at Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles
27 Jun 1987
09 Jul 1987
BA at CSW, X=Art & Bebop postcardB.A. performs at B.A. performs at the 18th Christopher Street West/LA Gay & Lesbian Pride Celebration (left), X=Art Gallery (below), and Bebop Records & Fine Art (below)
27 Jun 1987BA at X=Art Benefit ListingB.A. performs at a benefit for X=Art Gallery, West Hollywood; also on the bill: Celebrity Skin (with “special guest celebrity” Craig Lee), Fourwaycross, and Schnell, Dumbkopf; art by Matt Clements and Mirakel
09 Jul 1987BA at Bebop Records PosterB.A. performs in “an evening of Cabarock” at Bebop Records & Fine Art, Reseda, with T. C. Murov, Timmy Bennett (who will cowrite the script for our “Looking for You” promo), and Phillip Littell and The Society Boys; co-proprietor Richard Bruland created a poster for the event (left); see review below (05-18 Oct 1987)
27 Aug 1987BA at Limbo Lounge PostcardB.A. performs at Limbo Lounge, Four Star Saloon, West Hollywood, in their Holiday in Honduras: Christmas with the Contras stage show; also on the bill: Celebrity Skin and Backbone; B.A. performs the songs “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” and “Mr. Wenceslas,” which will be released as a holiday single
05–18 Oct 1987Music Connection CoverMusic Connection publishes review by Tom Kidd of B.A. at Bebop Records, Reseda, 09 Jul 1987 (see above)
Dec 1987BA Christmas Single Announcement postcardB.A. announce the release of the holiday single “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” b/w “Mr. Wenceslas”
1988Del Mar Richardson in Looking For You VideoDrummer Del Mar Richardson joins B.A.’s live act; he’s pictured here in a still from the “Looking For You” music video (see June 1990)
1988Under the Gun CoverB.A. contributes (credited) sound design to the lab scene early on in Under the Gun, a feature starring Vanessa Williams and Sam Jones, edited by associate producer (and our friend) George Copanas, released by Marquis Pictures
06 Jan 1988Edge ArticleEdge publishes notice of B.A. Christmas single
26 Mar 1988ACT UP/LA Benefit FlyerB.A. performs at benefit for ACT UP/LA at the Athletic Club, West Hollywood
18 Apr–01 May 1988Music Connection LogoMusic Connection publishes interview by Tom Kidd of B.A.; the article receives a critical reaction by Music Connection contributor Steve Kozak as well as replies from Kidd, us, and reader Rick Terkel
25–26 Jun 1988BA at Christopher Street West 1988B.A. performs at the 19th Christopher Street West/LA Gay & Lesbian Pride Celebration backed up by Bachelor Del Mar Richardson (center) on drums and guest Bachelor Tom Kidd (right) on keyboard and vocals; the poster, borrowed from ACT UP/LA, reads “Quarantine Is a Nice Way to Say Concentration Camp”
16 Dec 1988ACT UP/LA DemonstrationB.A.’s David deejays at ACT UP/LA’s first anniversary party, Trooper’s Hall, Hollywood; also on hand are John Fleck, Tim Miller, and Josie Roth
Spring 1989Stiff Sheets StillBachelor David produces audio version of Fabulous Fascist Fashion Show, with voiceover by Josie Roth, for broadcast on KPFK-FM’s annual LGBT+ pride programming; the live event took place on 26 Jan 1989 as part of ACT UP/LA’s weeklong 24/7 vigil at the County USC Medical Center to shine light on the facility’s inadequate response to HIV/AIDS
17 May 1989Frontiers CoverFrontiers publishes B.A. interview by Tom Kidd
Nov 1989LA Style CoverL.A. Style publishes B.A. interview by Sharon McDonald
10 Dec 1989ACT UP/LA Feb/Mar 1990 CoverBachelors Rob and David join fellow “Altered Boys” to sing messaged send-ups of yuletide carols as part of ACT UP/LA’s revolt at Archbishop Roger Mahoney’s stance against condom use to prevent the spread of HIV; Rob recalls working on the lyrics (about which more later)
Early 1990Anne Atwell-Zoll and Lee DemkoDrummer Lee Demko and vocalist Anne Atwell-Zoll join B.A.’s live act
1990 or 1991 B.A. performs at Rough Cuts, a performance art variety show at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
19 Apr 1990Highways Birthday BenefitBachelors Rob and David join the “Village PWAs [People With AIDS]” in the first anniversary benefit for Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica; also on the bill: George Carlin, John Goss, Douglas Sadownik, Ayofemi Folayan, Nathan Birnbaum, Karen Goodman, Ruben Guevara, Tim Miller, Linda and Jill Burnham, with Wendell Jones and Adriene Jenick emcees
11 May 1990High Performance CoverBachelors Rob and David join “The Media Whores of ACT UP/LA” at a benefit for High Performance magazine at Vertigo; also on the bill: Diamanda Galas (pictured), Beth Lapides, and emcee Les Stevens
24 May 1990AIDS Crisi Anthology ProgramBachelors Rob and David participate in AIDS Crisis Anthology, a theater piece written and performed by IRRUMO, an ACT UP/LA adjunct, at the Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Park
17 June 1990Looking For You StillB.A. premieres a music video for the song “Looking For You” with screenplay co-written by performance artist Tim Bennett and Bachelors Anonymous, directed and edited by Adam Soch; the video will be shown on local cable television; premiere at the Bachelor Pad
Election season 1990Harvey Gantt as Mayor of Charlotte, NCB.A. performs at a fundraiser for Harvey Gantt, U.S. Senatorial candidate opposing Jesse Helms who in 1987 had worked to allow the president to exclude HIV-positive persons from entry into the U.S., etc.
28 Sep 1990BA at Cafe Largo postcardB.A. performs at Café Largo, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Lypsinka (The History of Drag in 30 Minutes) and Gothic Hut
Dec 1990Ann RussellVocalist Ann Russell joins B.A.’s live act; Ann is Rob and David’s fellow chorister at St. Philip’s Church
01 Dec 1990Terry Lewis ReviewTerri Lewis Dance Ensemble performs Bachelors to songs by B.A., choreographed by Anne Atwell-Zoll, at Occidental College; it’s reviewed by L.A. Times dance critic Lewis Segal
20 Dec 1990BA at Café Largo ListingB.A. performs at Café Largo, Los Angeles, following opener “grand dragmaster” Lypsinka; Madonna and Sandra Bernhard are in the audience but leave before our set; David’s parents, in L.A. for the holidays, attend
10–20 Jan 1991Suitcase at The LAB AdB.A. contributes the score to ZP Productions’ staging of Suitcase by Kobo Abe at The LAB, San Francisco
08–10 Feb 1991Rudy Perez Made in L.A. ProgramB.A. contributes the score to dancer-choreographer Rudy Perez’s Made in L.A., at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, with B.A.’s David at the sound board due to technician’s illness); Rudy’s rare solo, Remain in Light, wins the 1991 Lester Horton Award for Outstanding Performance/Solo from the Dance Resource Center
16 Apr 1991BA at Scud Club AdB.A. performs at the Scud Club (brainchild of Jack Marquette following fallout with the proprietor of AntiClub’s host venue), at the Gaslight, Hollywood; also on the bill: Alarma (with Craig Lee) and Ms. Vaginal Creme Davis
08 Jun 1991BA at System M AdB.A. performs two sets at System M, Long Beach—our only jazz club listing
23 Jun 1991BA at Cafe Largo postcardB.A. performs at Café Largo, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Miss Amy Malcolm, Chris Brenner; “Parade” refers to the 22nd Christopher Street West/LA Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade held earlier in the day
01 Aug 1991AIDS! The Musical! PostcardB.A.’s Rob Berg contributes the music to AIDS! The Musical! with book and lyrics by Wendell Jones and David Stanley, direction by Alan Pulner, and choreography by Anthony Balcena (B.A.’s David at the light board), at Highways, Santa Monica, with a preview tonight and a six-night run, as part of Highways’ third annual Ecce Lesbo/Ecce Homo performance festival
24 Aug 1991BA at Andrea Carney 50th Birthday PartyB.A. performs at the 50th birthday bash of David’s now-wife Andrea Carney for whom the Bachelors dedicate and debut the song “In Another Time”
26 Aug 1991BA at FM Station AdB.A. performs at FM Station, North Hollywood; also on the bill: Lynxx, Cloud of Witnesses, and EZ Axis
Fall 1991John LacquesDrummer John Lacques joins B.A.’s live act
23 Oct 1991BA at Cafe Largo postcardB.A. performs at Café Largo, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Funny Gay Males (NYC standup comics)
18 Feb 1992BA at Club Lingerie AdB.A. performs at Club Lingerie, Hollywood; also on the bill: Tongue Dance, Marcus Gunn Phenomenon, and Planet 10
11 Mar 1992BA at Café Largo PostcardB.A. performs at Café Largo, Los Angeles; also on the bill: Christoph Bull, French Tabu; incongruously, the Largo ad reads “Bachelors Anonymous white soul” and the L.A. Weekly listing reads, “soul from Bachelors Anonymous,” in contrast to the “stark soulful rock” from the Largo ad nine months before (see 6/23/91 above)
20 May 1994Rudy Perez Dances Without Borders EphemeraRudy Perez reprises his solo Remain in Light, with score by B.A., at the three-night Dance Without Borders, Japan America Theatre, Los Angeles

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Rocky Schenck

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