Nick visualized with lyric
Photograph: Jonas Svidras

“Nick” is the fifth song on Bachelors Anonymous’ eponymous six-song album, remastered and re-released digitally. Bachelor David Hughes tells the story behind the song.

The lyrics speak for themselves, about a guy who is full of himself and larger than life, attractive but the attraction wears thin; perhaps not thin enough.

I remember Nick was the name of a psychotherapist I had about ten years before, and so I chose that name, but the song has nothing to do with him. A friend misheard the name as Mick, assuming I was addressing Mick Jagger, which, come to think of it, is rather interesting.

Sonically, today the song sounds like Bronski Beat meets New Order, but it kind of built itself, once we decided on a dance beat.


Nick, you goddamn Elvis 
I thought I’d got rid of you 
But you’re that Elvis 
You do your best 
To keep yourself at arm’s length 
It’s a test 
To see which one has the strength 
To see this thing through 
This thing that I’m through 
I’m supposed to be through with you 

Nick, you goddamn Elvis 
I thought I’d forgotten you 
But you’re that Elvis 
I don’t care 
But do you have to flaunt it? 
People stare 
But I guess that’s what you want 
It’s gone to your head 
All my idols are dead 
All my idols are dead, you said 

All black and white 
A jaundiced yellow 
I convinced myself 
I’d stay a cappella a while 
It’s not my style 

Nick, you lousy Jesus 
I thought you’d forgotten too 
But you’re that Elvis, you Elvis 
You’re so coy 
Go try it out on the world 
If they boys know 
Then there’s always the girls 
I know you’ve already tried 
Take that thing outside 
Let’s settle this thing outside 


Lyrics Reprinted by Permission


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