BA @ 40 @ Akbar

On August 24, Bachelors Rob and David celebrated the fortieth anniversary of our meeting—six months early (it was actually February 1984). We commemorated with a listening party hosted by Scott Craig, Peter Alexander, and the rest of the crew at Akbar in Silver Lake, attended by a couple dozen friends. While Rob has remains in the L.A. loop, David hadn’t been back from Denver since 2015.

For David it was a ten-day working vacation; we held three mixing and mastering sessions for instrumental versions of our catalog along with scores we’d crafted for theater and dance. (For a taste of these, listen to “Salt Doll,” “Exercise in Revolution,” and the initial sequence from Rudy Perez’s Made in L.A.) In fact it was the 2020 digitizing of our score for dancer-choreographer Rudy Perez’s Made in L.A. that caused us to procrastinate no more, and remaster the entire catalog for digital distribution.

At Akbar last month we played all those remastered albums while screening the following slideshow. (See our Timeline for more details on many of the individual slides.)

We should acknowledge that several photographs above are taken from two sessions: the first in 1985 with Rocky Schenck (including our cassette cover at 1:07, and at 0:00, 1:56, and 7:40), and the second ca. 1992 with photographer Braun (at 6:00), enhanced by the stylings of Terry Castillo (aka Tamale) and Adrian Castillo (aka Heriberto).

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  1. Del says:

    Bravo! The photos of you both in leather cop-gestapo were used for something? I don’t recall ever seeing those.


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